A north Vietnamese broth

That I think goes well with your meat dumplings and is soooo easy to do




1 cup Fish sauce

3 cups Sugar

2 cups Lime juice

6 cups Water



To a pan add the


Fish sauce



Lightly simmer so to dissolve sugar then boil for a few seconds

Lightly Simmer for 4 more mins

Take off heat then add lime juice

TIP- if you cook the lime juice it will go bitter - add it at the end.

To serve

Pour over your cooked dumplings, rice noodles , julienne of carrots, courgettes , and few thin slices of apple ( yeah I know apple, but it cuts through the richness of the other ingredients - it’s a substitute for green papaya - if you have that hanging around the kitchen use that’)

Another suggestion - lightly pickle the carrot

Add thin garlic slithers and chopped chilli or sriracha for you own taste


This broth is the dipping sauce that usually goes with Bun Cha , a delicious street food Hanoi dish with usually has pork meatballs plus a few other delicious ingredients.

But for now try it with your dumplings

Try it out- experiment, and tell me what you think.