Cooking your dumplings


  • Bring steamer to the boil
  • Place dumplings in steamer a steamer mat (available in our store or you can easily make your own) Do not let any of the dumplings touch or they may stick to each other
  • Place lid on
  • Steam on full for 18 mins until core temp of dumpling reaches 75 degrees Celsius or above
Either eat immediately or
  • Heat a pan up with small amount of oil and fry dumpling on one side to give a crispy bottom

Alternative way to cook if you do not have a steamer

Method requires shallow pan and lid
  • Heat a small amount of oil up in pan, evenly spread. Heat to just before smoke point
  • Add frozen dumplings and fry until lightly browned on bottom- Medium heat
  • Add thin layer of water to pan and place lid on
  • Cook for approx 4 mins
  • Then take lid off slightly to leave small crack
  • Leave on heat for 8-10 mins until core temp reaches 75 degrees Celsius
  • Remove and let cool off for a minute then eat and enjoy
  • Here is a you tube video from another dumpling lover on their process

Best eaten immediately with a little light soy or
  • Light soy/ Chinkiang vinegar (2- 1)
  • Laogamma crispy chilli oil. We sell this online
  • Chilli oil - receipe from Red House Spice - click here​